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Adding Assets to the Website

Videos, sound clips, pdfs and other types of files can easily be added with the CMS editor. From the web developer’s standpoint, the issue is the organization of these files. While some CMS’s allow the end user to determine where these assets are stored, others have a central repository where these files are uploaded. A web development designer can help you determine which is best for your needs.

Web Development

Today, there are a wide variety of CMS’s available for business websites that use WordPress or shopping carts. Some CMS’s are plugged in after the website is already designed, while websites are designed with the CMS from the onset. Choosing the right CMS for a business depends on what the end user wants to do. At the same time, it is critical to choose a web development designer who designs the CMS to design it in a way that allows the website to grow with the business. From the end-user perspective, there are a number of factors to consider.

Amount of Control

The amount of control is really dependent on how much technical knowledge the end-user has. For those who are knowledgeable about WordPress, it’s best to stick with a CMS that has a similar editor with access to content areas. To change the design or to add pages requires more expertise. Knowing the level of technical knowledge helps the web development designer define which CMS works best for the client.

Managing the Website Pages

Some CMS options are edit only, while others allow the end user to delete, move and add pages. More options include the ability to add a matching page template to the existing design. This includes the need to edit menus. However, most CMS’s have a user-friendly intuitive interface for the managing of menus.


Adding Forms to a Website

For businesses that require the use of forms, there are CMS’s that include a form wizard or form builder to easily add forms to a site. In addition, there are CMS’s with the option to store form information in a spreadsheet or database.

Adding Social Media

Today, savvy businesses take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to expand their customer base. Many CMS’s have a plugin or widget to make Facebook posts or to add Twitter feeds. Other social media options include icons to add a business website link to the popular social communities. It’s easy to integrate with social media for a business website.

An Easy-to-Use Admin Interface

Often, too many options can overwhelm the end use when it comes to accessing the admin interface. Although some CMS’s don’t have admin interfaces, the ones that do need to simple for the end user. A good web development designer will customize the admin interface to show the client only what is needed. This helps prevent errors from occurring.

With the expertise of a web development designer, businesses can have a website that meets their individual needs. Update pages with new products, add a news flash to increase visitor interest or spread the word using social media platforms.


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