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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing: Establishing a Conversation

Small business owners are learning that the world of social media marketing presents new and powerful opportunities to find and close prospects. According to Seth Godin, one of the leading experts of this new discipline, digital marketing is one of the greatest gifts ever given to business owners. However, effectively capitalizing on this opportunity requires new procedures and disciplines.

Web Development

Today, there are a wide variety of CMS’s available for business websites that use WordPress or shopping carts. Some CMS’s are plugged in after the website is already designed, while websites are designed with the CMS from the onset. Choosing the right CMS for a business depends on what the end user wants to do. At the same time, it is critical to choose a web development designer who designs the CMS to design it in a way that allows the website to grow with the business. From the end-user perspective, there are a number of factors to consider.

A Rapidly Evolving Market

While the use of social media marketing provides very cost-effective methods to build a business, it is an increasingly challenging field. The various disciplines involved include everything from keyword selection to proper use of pay-per-click to creating the right content for websites. For example, while email is a proven marketing tool, it is now essential to use the right techniques and analytics to achieve the desired results with event this relatively simple approach.

Companies that are successful with digital and social media marketing efforts now rely on digital agencies and specialist who understand how to effectively utilize the rapidly evolving techniques. Such advanced resources as attribution models help marketers evaluate which of their marketing dollars are producing the right results, allowing subsequent expenditures to achieve greater efficiencies.

If you are not yet tapping into the power of social media, or if you are not satisfied with the results you are achieving, we can help you map a course to greater success. You can be sure your competitors are moving to take advantage of the power of social media. Call us today at 754-422-0907 or email us at dominatemyranking@gmail.com for a free initial consultation. We’re here to help you develop productive conversations with your prospects and customers.

The Importance of Relevance

While most small business people now understand the need for a website and a social media presence, few understand the importance of effective search engine optimization, or SEO. All search engines take the lead from Google, placing a premium on ensuring searches provide relevant results.

By using keywords and other SEO techniques, businesses have the opportunity to attract customers who are seeking to buy their products and services. Especially when it comes to local search marketing, companies without adequate visibility on the Internet will increasingly loose business to competitors who do.

It is now estimated that as much as 80 percent of all first contacts with business now come via the web. Prospects and customers search by computer and other mobile devices to find products and services that fit their needs. Companies capture those searches by increasing their relevance with carefully planned structure of their websites and using social media.


Adding Social Media

Today, savvy businesses take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to expand their customer base. Many CMS’s have a plugin or widget to make Facebook posts or to add Twitter feeds. Other social media options include icons to add a business website link to the popular social communities. It’s easy to integrate with social media for a business website.


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