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What is email Marketing? We explain in this exclusive post.

When it comes to starting a new business, maintaining an old business, or just working to drum up new customers, something like email marketing can make a world of difference. In a time when most people forgo traditional snail mail in favor of electronic email, it is much easier and more effective to reach out via email than any other method. There are a wide range of marketing techniques that you can use to drum up customers but there are not many that are an effective and inexpensive as email marketing.

To understand why email marketing is so useful and so desirable, you should first have a basic understanding of what this type of marketing entails. First and foremost email marketing is done completely online and with no physical advertisements ever being created. The process starts out with the client meeting with a marketing specialist that talks with them about what they hope to achieve with the campaign and what sort of campaign they want to run. Next, the client meets with a graphic designer or a marketing specialist that will help them to outline what they want their image and ad to look like. This means showing the designer their logo, their style, and generally discussing how the final advertisement should look.

After a brief time, the designer will show the client a sketch or a mock up of what the digital email ad will look like when it is sent out. This will help the client decide what needs to be reworked and what they like. This will also help the client to see just what is going out to their potential customers. After the design has been okayed the process starts up again and the marketing company helps the client to determine who should be sent the email marketing advertisement. This means talking about what type of client they want, who would be most likely to buy the product or use the service and who would be most likely to respond to the ad. This process helps to determine the target audience. Determining your target audience is the best way to be sure your money and time are going toward getting real customers and not just sending emails to people that will ignore them.

After that, the process is in the hands of the company that helped to create the ad. The emails are sent out to the intended group, this could be based on age, gender, income, location or any other number of factors. When the emails are sent the customers have the opportunity to then check out the service or product. Email marketing always works best with online companies or companies that have an online presence as something called a click through ad can take the customers directly to the client. With a good SEO or marketing company anyone can have a successful online email marketing campaign that brings in tons of customers and tons of business. The internet is an incredibly powerful tool and when used correctly it can help move mountains. With a good company that knows what they are doing, any business can benefit from an email marketing campaign.

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